Tuesday, 01 April 2008 00:00


The Secretary General of UNIW, Necmi Sadıkoğlu, has released the following statement regarding the recent Anti-Islamist events occurred in Europe:

The trend of Anti-Islamism, which was initiated by the publication of some humiliating caricatures about Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Denmark and in some other European countries, has gained momentum recently.


In March, extremist right-wing politician Geert Wilder’s film “Fitna”, which heavily included insults to the Holy Qur’an and to the Islamic values, was demanded by some to be broadcast in Dutch TV channels; but it was rejected. However, it was broadcast on internet sites, which was received by Muslims with grief.

According to the news in the media, on April 20, a cartoon film that includes insults to Prophet Muhammad shall be put on the market in the Netherlands. Besides, in Germany, an adaptation of the book “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie was put on the stage. Permission for such attempts and allowing them provoke marginal circles. Thus, a 17-year-old Turkish boy was killed by an extreme-racist group.

Such newly attempts that shall do harm world peace have no humanistic reasons. Humiliation of the values that are held in high esteem by people cannot be justified by the freedom of speech or copyright or sense of art. Freedom of speech and disseminating ideas do not amount to the right to insult. It cannot be expected from anyone to receive the humiliation of sacred values indulgently.

In this context, at first the Dutch Government and all the European governments should not give permisson to such publications, broadcasts and policies; and they should immediately take the necessary regulations that shall regard the Islamophobic acts and incidents as a crime. Broadcasts, attitudes and policies that may instigate Anti-Islamism or Islamophobia should be considered crime like Anti-Semitism. Otherwise, marginal extremist-racist groups that are after discrimination may be strengthened. This poses a danger to the social stability and peace. Islamophobia is an obvious infringement of human rights and is a perilous discrimination.

In spite of these facts, this should be born in the mind that the reason why Muslim public opinion have not overreacted to these aforementioned broadcasts, policies and events is that they have a common sense stemming from their belief. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they shall never react. It should be ensured that Muslim public opinion react to these all the Anti-Islamist broadcasts, policies and acts through peaceful means.

Once again, we call all the European governments to use their common sense and heed, and to revise their attitudes in order to build social peace.