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Sunday, 20 January 2008 17:13
The 18th Assembly Meeting of Munazzamat al-Dawa al-Islamiya (Invitation to Islam Organization), one of the founder members of The Union of NGOs of Islamic World (UNIW) whose headquarters is in Sudan/Khartoum) was held 0n 15-18 January.

Necmi Sad─▒ko─člu, The Secretary General of The UNIW; Ahmad Azam Abdurrahman, Malay Representative and Chair of Social Human Affairs and Solidarity Commission of The UNIW and a member of board of Trustees of Munazzamat al-Dawa al-Islamiya; and Cihangir ─░┼čbilir, The Deputy General Coordinator of The UNIW participated in the General Assembly on behalf of The Secretary General.

Members of the General Assembly were received by the President, Omar Ahmad al-Bashir and the Vice-President of Sudan, Ali Osman Taha.

Members of the General Assembly visited health and education centres around Khartoum and touched mainly upon the Darfur issue and the agenda topics such as rehabilitation programs of refugees and the activity programs of the following year.

Cihangir ─░┼čbilir, The Deputy General Coordinator of UNIW had some talks with the following people on the projects of the UNIW and its activities in Africa.
1.    Kemal Ubeyd, Minister of State.
2.┬á┬á ┬áM├╝┼čir Abdurrahman Muhammed, Former President
3.    Abdullah Seyid Ahmed, Member of Council Assembly
4.    Muhammed Ali El-Emin (Secretary General)
5.    Abduljemal Muhammed (Information Director)
6.    İbrahim Hasim E.İsmail (Deputy Secretary General)
7.    A.Rashid Jakhura, (Malawi)
8.┬á┬á ┬áDr. Esseyyid Vak─▒d, Cemiyye ┼×eriyye, (Egypt)
9.    Abdul-Majeed A.Farhan, Charity Organization (Yemen)
10.    Dr. Yahya Salim Ebu Grain, Global Health Organization, President, (Sudan)